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The free resource library to scrapbooking printable papers.

At the moment I don’t make any money, but my intention is to put different variants on my website. I don’t want to lose the essence with the free scrapbooking papers and material, but at some point my system will change a bit. Maybe some extras from the collection, I will give free papers, but the intention is that they will be low cost, because as it happens to me, if you want to download scrapbook papers in PDF to save some money, it is because there are limited resources.

Why do I share free scrapbook collections?

I have always liked to help others and many people are looking for scrapbooking patterns to print. Most of my work I do for fun, and if I have the opportunity to sell, or if I get a request, I’m not going to lie to you, a deal can always be made.

But my free PDF papers are a way to help all those scrapbookers who are starting in this wonderful world and are in the same situation as me, the lack of resources.

Will I have to pay for these free scrapbook collections?

If you have an account on the website, you will be able to get these collections for free as long as the storage conditions allow me to do so.

I will continue to publish free scrapbooking collections to print in PDF for as long as I can.

Can these scrapbooking collections be sold?

No way you can sell these collections, my work is free and if you sell them you will have the corresponding complaint. And above all you would be ripping off the people you sell them to.

Remember that my free printable scrapbooking collections cannot be sold and you would not be helping this community.

My scrapbooking collections for free download

My intention for the year 2022 is to create many free downloadable collections, I want to create a scrapbooking paper every week if possible and expand this library of free downloadable scrapbooking papers, collections and kits. You don’t need to be registered to download them. If you want any collection don’t hesitate to ask for it by email.

Create your custom paper

Create your custom paper for free with my application. Select the pattern and color to create the app.

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