Valentine’s Day Papers (to download and print) [SCRAPBOOK] PDF FREE (A4)

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Create beautiful Valentine cards, Valentine envelopes and letters using my FREE collection.

My work for the realization of the collection was:

Creation of the drawings.
Assembly of the basics and the collection.
These images are free but you cannot use them for commercial use. If you share the file I would like you to share the link of the product.

Download it to print in PDF, a scrapbooking work by arteconlili by Liliana CSC.

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General information about the Valentine’s 2022 collection

Collection content
4 Papers from the collection with illustrations
5 Basic papers for Valentine’s Day

Why is the collection made with little angels?

I wanted to give the little angels of Valentine’s Day the right to be in love and that is why in the illustrations the lovers are the little angels. In this world we all have the right to love and many times those who help you get love are not the luckiest. Your friends, your girlfriends, your loved ones. Well, now they also have that opportunity and it is they who will fall in love.

Cards for Valentine’s Day

With this collection you can make cards for Valentine’s Day, cutting them in different sizes.

Envelopes for Valentine’s Day

With my collection you can also create beautiful envelopes where you can put those beautiful messages and gifts that I am sure you will make. I will put some examples of how to create beautiful and easy envelopes for Valentine’s Day.

Vouchers or Copoun Book to give away on Valentine’s Day

I have created a small paper so you can print and write to give away on Valentine’s Day.

Letters for Valentine’s Day

I have created a default letter in case you do not want to complicate yourself too much and print this letter. The letter for Valentine’s Day can be printed in A4 or A5 and write on it that beautiful message that you want to give to that person you love.
Valentine’s Letter Example download

Video where I show the collection

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