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Scrapbooking Dictionary

I was very lost with some scrapbooking terms, here I am going to write down all the terms, meanings of those little words that do not need much more explanation and so you can understand what they refer to and what they mean. In scrap, many words are used in other languages such as English and mainly the scrapers from Latin American countries speak using those Anglo-Saxon terms.

I hope you can find in this small collection of words the term or the word you are looking for, if you can’t find it I invite you to put it in the comments to help more people and so that I can learn with you.

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In this publication you will find the meaning, translation and a complete glossary of the most used words in scrapbooking. I will also publish used tools and materials, because in some cases we talk about tools and you don’t know what they are.

12 × 12:

It is the most used measure in scrapbooking papers, this measure is in inches and its cm value is approximately 30.5 x 30.5 cm. You can use my inch calculator to CM for Android.


A sheet of a transparent plastic material that is used to protect some papers and that the content can be seen without being exposed directly or in shakers to prevent the content from going abroad.

Polyvinyl acetate:

Polyvinyl acetate is a transparent plastic substance that is often used in scrapbooking to make superimposed layers or to protect photos and designs.


Word in English, translation would be acid free.


In Scrapbook it is recommended to use papers that contain a pH value less than 7. If you use printing papers that have more of those values in time those papers will end yellowish or brown tones.


A plastic material that in its neutral form is transparent. This material is outdoors and does not fade. If you use coloring you can dye it and use it to get shapes and convert the materials to which water -resistant appliques and permanent.


An adhesive in Scrapbook is a substance that is used to join two or more objects. These adhesives can be of different types, such as adhesive tape, glue, velcro, brads, and others.

Soluble water:

Soluble water in Scrapbook is a scrapbooking technique that allows crafts to create effects of brushstrokes and colored degraded using a brush and an aqueous solution.

Unstructured album:

The unstructured Scrapbooking album is a way to break the traditional scrapbooking rules and allow creativity and personal expression to be the protagonists. You can see more information and examples of unstructured albums here.


What we call “alkaline pH” is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. The pH is a logarithmic scale that goes from 0 to 14, where 0 is the most acidic level, 7 is neutral and 14 is the most alkaline level.

Art Journal:

An Art Journal is a newspaper or art book in which elements of writing, drawing, painting, photography and other forms of artistic expression are combined.


The background of a scrapbook is the canvas on which the album is built. It can be composed of a single paper, or several papers and decorative elements.


A Bigshot is a scrapbooking machine that is used to cut paper, cardboard and other subjects.

Border Punch:

A border punch is a scrapbooking tool used to create decorative edges on the pages.


Brads in Scrapbook are small metal pieces that are used to join several layers of paper. They are generally used at the top or lower part of a page to give a touch of elegance.


It is an alkaline substance that is added to the paper to eliminate acids.


Also known as a newspaper, book of notes or journal bullet, it is a book or notebook in which people write their pending ideas and tasks. A bujo usually has numbered pages and can include characteristics such as sections to organize entries and space to draw or scribble. Many people find that using it helps them stay organized and keep a record of their daily activities. Some also include predefined templates or designs to facilitate entrances

Bullet Journal:

A Journal Bullet is a method of organization and notes that involve the use of a bujo and a series of predefined symbols and conventions to classify and prioritize tasks and other elements.


When a scrapera refers to this word, translation are buttons.

Explosive box:

An explosive box is a scrapbooking box that opens as a book and has several layers of pages so that scrapbookrs can add photos and stories.


A cameo is a cutting machine that is used to make custom paper or fabric designs. You can cut designs into a variety of shapes and sizes, and you can also record messages or phrases in them.


Cardmaking is an art and crafts that refers to the creation of personalized and decorated cards. A variety of techniques and materials are used, such as decorative papers, stamps, inks, paintings, perforations, trocales, etc. To create unique cards for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, among others. The objective is to create cards that are beautiful and significant for the recipient.


Cardmarking in Scrapbook is a process in which cards are marked so that they can be tracked and ordered. This is useful when you want to keep a record of the cards used in an album Scrapbook. It can also help organize cards to track the designs and styles that are being used.


A large paper that is usually used to print the collections or line cards, usually have more weight being the most normal in Scrapbooking from 200 to 250.


Chalk is a scrapbooking form that implies the use of chalk powder to add a shading or highlighting effect to an image or design. The chalk can be applied directly from the container or can be mixed with water to create a paste. Chalk powder can also be applied with a brush for a softer effect.


Chalkboard is a scrapbooking style that uses wallpaper with a chalk surface to simulate a board. It can be used with colored chalk to make unique designs, or with white chalk for a cleaner and simpler look.


Chams are decorative objects attached to the Scrapbook to give it a personal touch. Often, these objects are representative of something special for the Scrapbook and can include from coins and stamps to bracelets and jewels.


The chipboard is a thick piece of cardboard paper that is used in many Scrapbooking projects. It can be purchased in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can also be done at home. The chipboard can be used to do a lot of different things, such as album covers, the pages of the covers, the labels, the cards, the covers of the books, and much more.

Circle Cutter:

A circle cutter in Scrapbooking is a manual tool to cut precise circles on paper or cardboard. It is a kind of rule with a cutting tool that adjusts to different circles sizes and allows to cut precise circles of different diameters with a single turn.


A shear is a manual cutting tool used to cut paper or cardboard. I recommend Fushars’s rotary shear that is the best for me.

Clean & Simple:

Clean and simple, this technique consists of using few elements and well placed so that a modern and simple result is.

Clear Stamps:

They are transparent stamps that are used to print designs or text on a scrapbooking page, with these stamps you can highlight your project.

Polyvinyl chloride:

Polyvinyl chloride is a thinner and more flexible version of polyvinyl acetate, which makes it ideal to use in stationery and paper art projects.


In Scrapbooking, a cluster is a group of objects (for example, photos, cards, labels, etc.) that are placed together to create a visual effect of «Mug«.


Pigment that resists the exposure of the environment, such as heat, acid, light, etc … water can cause irreparable damage to albums created by scraperas.

Negative copy:

Ancient copies that were used before to reveal the photographs, right now they are usually used to put on Scrapbook albums.

Corner Rounder:

A corner Rounder is a scrapbooking tool that is used to cut the edges of Scrapbooking pages.


Scrapbooking is an art form that focuses on the creation of photo albums and other personal memories. Often, scrapbooking techniques are used to decorate and protect the photos, as well as to add text and other decorative elements.


Craquelar is a scrapbooking technique that is used to create a cracking effect (create cracks on the surface where you work) in the photos and other decorative elements.


A CRICUT is a paper cutting machine and other subjects used in Scrapbooking and other crafts. You can cut a wide variety of designs and shapes, which makes it ideal for customizing scrapbooking projects.

CROP (Encounter):

CROP meeting at Scrapbook is a meeting of people who enjoy Scrapbooking art. In a Crop, participants can work on their scrapbooking projects, share ideas and learn from others.

Crop (trim):

CROP (trimming) is a scrapbooking technique that implies the trimming of materials to create specific effects or patterns. Often, it is about cutting simple geometric shapes of paper or cardboard to form more complex designs. Special scissors can also be used to achieve unique effects.


A CROP -A – Dile is a scrapbooking tool used to drill and knot paper. It has a drill at one end and a needle in the other. CROP -A – Dile can be used to make holes in cards, papers and other scrapbooking materials. It can also be used to tie papers and other materials together.

Cut File:

A CUT File is a design file that can be used with a cutting machine to create custom designs.

Cutting Dies:

Cutting Dies are a type of scrapbooking tool that is used to cut specific paper forms. These tools can be purchased in a variety of sizes and shapes, and can be used with a variety of scrapbooking techniques.

Cutting Mat (cut blanket):

A Cutting Mat is a specialized cutting surface used by Scrapbooking enthusiasts to protect their tables and counters while working on their projects. Most of the cutting mats are made of a special cutting material that is more

Cyber Crop:

A Cyber Crop is a scrapbookers meeting that takes place online. Participants can share ideas, techniques and projects through discussion forums, live chats and video demonstrations.


Descidification is a process in which the acids present in paper materials are neutralized to prevent them from deteriorating. Acid in paper is one of the main causes of paper deterioration, so descidification can help prolong the useful life of Scrapbook materials.

Scrapbooking day:

The scrapbooking day is always in May, in 2023 the day of the scrapbooking will be on Saturday, May 7.

Die cuts:

Die cuts are pieces of paper trimmed with specific shapes that can be used to decorate scrapbook pages. They can buy pre -facts or get home with a paper cutting machine.


Distressing is a scrapbooking term that refers to the technique of applying intentional damage to paper surfaces so that they look aged or worn out. This can be achieved by applying stamps, scraping or rubbing with a brush, or using sandpaper.

Ink distress (diestress ink):

Ink used to do the Diestress technique.

Oxid distress:

An oxid distress is a scrapbooking ink that can be used to add a touch of color to a project. It can be used for paper, cardboard, fabric or even to paint directly on a surface.


It is a technique that is used to give an aging or worn appearance to a page or decorative element. Some products such as inks and distress powders are used.


DT is an abbreviation that means “Design Team” (design equipment). In Scrapbooking, DT refers to people who design and create scrapbook pages with materials that other creators give them to do these works and try.


The ornaments you place in the project.


Ambossing is a scrapbooking technique that is used to create relief on a paper surface. It can be done by hand or with a machine, and can be used to decorate a variety of scrapbooking projects, including cards, labels, and album covers.


The emulsion is generally applied in the form of spray and allowed to air before the paper is manipulated.


Translation of envelopes, envelopes used in Scrap.


The setback is a scrapbooking technique that consists of placing stars, points or small shapes on a page or project by using a beer. A stencil is usually used and in some cases a toothbrush or something similar can be used.


A stencil is a template or pattern with a precise shape or design that is used to reproduce the same form or design several times in a project. Seencils can be used with different techniques such as paint, chalk, pencils, etc. To create patterns and designs on a page.


An eyelet is a piece of metal that is used to secure papers in a scrapbooking album. It is placed in a hole perforated in the paper and ensures with a special tool that is used to crush the metal around the edge of the hole.


Foamy is a scrapbooking material that looks like foam and is used to create three -dimensional designs. It can be of different colors and can be cut in different ways.


Freebies in Scrapbooking refers to the free elements that can be downloaded and use in their Scrapbooking projects. These may include templates, paper designs, graphics, etc. Like the ones you can find in the downloads of my website.


Products that have a brilliant appearance.

Glossy Accents:

It is a product to add a brilliant and three -dimensional finish to a surface. It is a type of liquid adhesive that is applied with a small nozzle and dry to form a transparent and water resistant layer.

Scanned image:

It is an image that has scanned with a scanner or using an application for that purpose.

Ink pad:

An ink pad in Scrapbooking is a ink pad used to transfer ink to a seal or a surface. It is a kind of pad with a layer of ink absorbed inside, normally of rubber.


That has no smell. The smell in scrapbooking materials may be a sign that they are decomposing.


Taking a diary is the process of writing your thoughts and experiences about a particular event or topic. In cuts albums, the newspaper is often used to accompany photos and other memories. It can be used to record your thoughts and feelings on the event or theme, as well as to provide additional information that might not be evident with the photos.


Kissing is a term used in Scrapbooking to describe a technique in which two pieces of paper or fabric are placed together and kiss at the top of them to seal the union.


Layering is a scrapbooking technique that consists of adding several layers of papers, ornaments and other elements to create a more interesting and complex composition.


Layout is a term used in scrapbooking to describe the way the elements are placed on a page. It is also called “lo”.

Letter Pocket:

A plastic cover that is divided into squares where to store scrapes.

Acid free:

This term is using in the papers to refer to that its pH is less than 7. Therefore it is considered that it has no acids, or what is more important that your papers do not deteriorate over time.

Lignin free:

When the paper or material used does not contain lignin.


Lignin is a cellulose component found on the cell walls of plants. It is an insoluble substance in water that gives rigidity to plants and keeps them standing. Lignin is also found on paper and is responsible for its yellowish color.

Acid migration:

On some occasions certain papers are binded that are acid -free with other materials that have it and that can lead to time that acid is migrated with direct or indirect contact through the gases that release those materials with acid. To protect you must add something that cushions or separate those materials.

Mixed Media (or average mix):

Mixed Media in Scrapbooking is a technique that consists of combining different materials and techniques to create a single art piece. Materials such as paper, fabric, paint, wood, metal, etc. can be used.


A material that does not leave the passage to light and does not transparent.

Packaging (technique):

The packaging technique in Scrapbooking is the process of packaging products for scrapbooking in a safe and efficient way. It is about ensuring that the products reach their final destination without damage and in perfect condition.

Bond paper:

Bond paper is a type of paper that is used in scrapbooking. It is thicker and stronger than regular scrapbooking paper, and is used to make more durable pages.

Velveteen paper:

Velveteen paper is a high quality textured role that is used in most Scrapbooking projects. It has a soft and pleasant surface to the touch, which makes it ideal for applying adhesives, stickers and other decorative elements. Velveteen paper can also be used to print photos and images, which makes it ideal for the creation of custom scrapbooking albums.

Photo Corners (photo corners):

They are the ends of the corners of the photos, they are usually used in Scrapbooking albums to give a more personal touch to the presentation of the photos. They can also be used to make the photos look a little more elegant and professionals.


Pigment in Scrapbook is a ink pill that is used to color and decorate scrapbook pages. Pigment in Scrapbook can be purchased in a variety of colors and can be used with a brush or sponge to apply the ink to the pages.


The Pockets of a Scrap album refers to the pockets that have the pages to save the photos.


Polyester is a synthetic fabric that is often used to make clothes and other items.


Polyethylene is a plastic substance that is used in many products, including those of Scrapbooking. It is a very versatile material that can be used for many different purposes, so it is ideal for this hobby. Polyethylene can be found in many types of scrapbooking products, from papers to stamps and labels.


Polypropylene is a durable and versatile material that is used in a variety of scrapbooking projects. It is important to keep in mind that polypropylene is not the same as plastic. Polypropylene is a thicker and more resistant material than plastic, which makes it ideal for scrapbooking.

Project Life:

The Project Life technique is a scrapbooking method that focuses on simplicity. It is a more photographic approach to scrapbooking, in which history is prioritized above aesthetics. The objective is to capture the daily moments of life quickly and easily.

Page protectors:

A plastic based material that serves to protect the pages.


Punches are scrapbooking tools used to cut paper or cardboard shapes. Troquera.

Scan n cut:

A scan n Cut is a scanning machine and Brother cut. It is an electronic cutting tool that allows you to scan any image or design, then use that scanned image to cut materials such as paper, cardboard, vinyl, fabric, etc. with precision.


This word is the diminutive of the word scrapbook, although in some cases they also refer to scrapbooking (technique or art)


Scrapbook is a photo album in which newspaper cuts, letters, postcards or other objects can be included to create a personalized composition.

Scrapbooker (English):

The person who does scrapbooking is called a scrapbook.


Scrapbooking is a hobby that consists of collecting and saving photographs, newspaper clippings, magazines and other papers in an album to preserve memories.

Digital Scrapbooking:

Digital scrapbooking is a way of doing scrapbooking that is done using a computer or tablet instead of paper, scissors and glue. You can use photos and other digital elements to create custom and unique scrapbooking pages.


A scrapera is a person who does scrapbooking.


Scraplifting is the process of taking an idea of a person and then using it as an inspiration to create your own design. Scraplift is copying the page of another person. You should always mention the author to help him.


A Shaker is a box or bag that is filled with small objects and then closes so that nothing escapes. It is used a lot in scrapbooking to make decorative and striking designs.

Silhuette Cameo:

The Silhouette Cameo is an electronic cutting machine used in Scrapbooking and other crafts to cut a variety of materials with precision. Another type of cutter plotter.

No bleeding:

This term describes that the drawing reaches the end of the paper and there is no fine separation that leaves air in the image.


It is the sketch that takes place before starting work.


Stamping is a scrapbooking technique that is used to apply images to the page. It can be done with a stamp and an ink pad, or with a die and a stamping machine.


Stamps are stamps that are used in scrapbooking to decorate the pages.


Stencils are templates that can be used to create repetitive designs on a surface. They can be used to paint, record, ambossing and apply masks.


Stickers in Scrapbook are adhesives or stickers that can be used to decorate the album pages. They can be of different sizes and designs, and can be used to acquire a topic or particular element of the page.

Pop-up card:

A Pop – Up card is a creative card that has one or several pieces that extend or get up when the card is opened. These cards can be very elaborate or very simple, and may include several levels, shapes or colors.


It is the translation of English tool. It is usually used in Latin American countries.


Trimmer is a tool used to cut papers in scrapbooking. It can be manual or electric, and is used to make straight and precise edges in the papers.


It refers to the process of cutting or drilling a specific shape on a sheet of paper or cardboard using a special tool called die. Troqueles can have a variety of forms, such as stars, flowers, animals, etc. The objective is to create personalized decorative pieces to use in Scrapbooking projects.

UTEE (resin):

Utee is a acronym for Ultra Thick Ambossing in love. It is an epoxy resin that melts and solidifies when cooled, allowing to create textures and volumes on paper surfaces.


Vellum is a semi -transparent material that is often used in Scrapbooking. It can be of different colors and sizes, and is used to create elegant and sophisticated designs.


Vinyl in Scrapbook is a scrapbooking technique used to transfer images and text to the surface of a Scrapbook project. You can buy vinyl in rolls or leaves, and can be used with an ink injection printer or a laser printer.


Vintage style refers to an aesthetic or style that evokes the past. This aesthetic is characterized by decorative elements such as old photos, postcards, labels, decorative papers with floral designs, dams, stripes, etc. Techniques such as aging, distressing and ink are also used to give a vintage appearance to the pages.

Washi Tape:

The Washi Tape is an adhesive tape made of rice paper that can be used for scrapbooking. It can be used to adhere papers and photos to the pages of the Scrapbook, or can be used to make designs and patterns in the pages.


Wire in Scrapbook is a mounting material used to hang photos, cuts and other elements in a Scrapbook album. The wire is attached to the edges of the pages with staples or screws, and then bends to form a hook or support so that the objects can be hung.

Xyron Machine:

The Xyron Machine in Scrapbook is a machine that is used to apply adhesives to Scrapbooking projects. This machine can be used to apply adhesive tape, liquid adhesives and other adhesives to Scrapbooking projects. The Xyron Machine in Scrapbook can also be used to apply varnishes and stamps to Scrapbooking projects.

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