Resolution and size for a scrapbooking collection or paper

You are starting in scrapbooking and you are creating a collection to share, you would like to sell and you don’t know what size is recommended? Here is a little guide.

What is the resolution that a scrapbook collection should have?

This is really something that everyone has to evaluate, but what I can help you with is the standard sizes that we should give to our documents.

A014043 x 99331189 x 841 mm33,1 x 46,2
A19933 x 7016841 x 594 mm23,4 x 33,1
A27016 x 4961594 x 420 mm16,5 x 23,4
A3 4961 x 3508420 x 297 mm11,7 x 16,5
A43508 x 2480297 x 210 mm8,3 x 11,7
A52480 x 1748210 x 148 mm5,8 x 8,3
A61748 x 1240148 x 105 mm4,1 x 5,8
Sizes that the image should have in pixels for the different types of sheets with a quality of 300 dpi.

Normally a scrapbook collection works with 4 types of sizes:

  • Printed: The print collections usually have a size of 305 x 315mm or 12′ x12′ in which one of the larger centimeters it contains is to place the information of the collection as the example above that will be with one of the next collections I make.
    • The printing collections also usually have smaller sizes but less usual these sizes are:
      • 20cm or 8 inches, these are less usual and you can find them in many of the stores.
      • 15cm or 6 inches, like the previous ones are less common.
  • In PDF (A4): Many of the scrapbookers who do not have the possibility to sell their collections in physical format, usually create these collections that come in A4 paper format.
    • The recommended resolutions for A4 are: 3508 x 2480.
    • If you have a printer that has the possibility to print in A3 format, you have to verify that the collection is prepared for these formats.
      • The recommended resolution for A3 paper is 4961 x 3508.

Is there any possibility to improve the size of the A4 collection for A3 printing?

On the internet you can find some websites that increase the size of JPG images.

If you have bought a collection that is not in A3 format and you want to improve the size you can use one of the image resizing tools. These online tools usually improve the image size without losing much quality.

And then you can have your collection in A3 format.

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