The Cinch the best bookbinder for your scrapbooking work

Today I am going to talk about a product that I recommend you to buy, the Cinch is a product that has been on the market for a long time and for me it is one of the best purchases you can make if you work in the world of scrapbooking.

Its main function is to make holes to bind different items, notebooks, diaries, signature books, journals, even daily planners.

What is Cinch in scrapbooking?

The Cinch is one of the most used tools to make punches and bindings to create personalised designs for your notebooks, diaries, photo albums, etc… a lot of things you can do notebook style.

In one of my last jobs I made a table calendar using the Cinch. The best thing about it is that comparing the manual punching method using basic hole punching dies with this machine, all the punches are perfect, with an equal distance between holes and very professional.

One of the additions that this machine has is that after making the perforation you can also use it to bind the work, with a system located on the back with which you can tighten the rings adapted to the Cinch, there are several variants and colours, on Amazon you can find pink rings, black rings, different sizes, etc … The Cinch is adapted to be used with double spiral which are the most beautiful spirals and formats for me.


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What jobs can be done with the Cinch?

With this We R Memory Keepers binding machine you can do a wide variety of jobs, which I will explain and show you below.

Create a photo album with the Cinch

With the Cinch you can create different photo albums, the main feature of which is that they are notebook albums. One of the advantages of this type of album is the speed with which you can create the album. Apart from all that, you will avoid making a spine, which in many cases is unnecessary, although it is always nice.

Create a daily planner using the Cinch

That little book in which you can add everything you need to plan your day to day. This notebook with a weekly calendar in which the user can add all their plans, appointments, etc…

Create a signature book for christenings, communions and weddings with Cinch

If you are a scrapbooker and you sell your work, one of the possible business niches is the creation of beautiful signature books for different events. That’s why the Cinch is an almost essential tool if you are a professional in the creation of these articles. You will increase the speed of creation and the final result.

Creating a scrapbooking diary with the Cinch

Who doesn’t want to have a diary, which in my case I often forget to carry with me. With the Cinch, the result of these diaries, as I always say, will be professional.

Cinch Binder Types (New Models)

There are several models of Cinch binders from We R Memory Keepers.

Cinch Binding Machine (Round Punch)

The standard model, with this binding machine you will be able to punch round holes. I have this one but the older model.

Heidi Swapp Cinch Binding Machine (Square Hole Punching)

This binder, which you can use for professional work, has the ability to punch square holes.

Mini Cinch Binder

With the Mini Cinch from We R Memory Keepers you can make square hole punches, just like its big sister the Heidi Swapp.

I wouldn’t recommend this machine because in the end you are always going to be limited with the size of some of the work you do.

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